Class Registration Request Form

For Beginners and Intermediate Classes

You may register for any beginner or intermediate class using this form. If you are interested in another course including Personal 1 on 1 class, please use our contact form.

Please note:

  • Currently our on-line registration system is not available.
  • Completing this form will allow us to assess your skill level and which courses and dates you are interested in.
  • We will get back to you with available dates and time for your class.
  • The fee is $80 per 3 hour class for beginners
  • The fee is $95 per 3 hour intermediate class
  • Payment will be required prior to the class starting.
If you are registering for a child, please enter the name and age in the comment form.
Please select your skill level, your skill level will be evaluated at your first course. You may know more than you think.
Please enter the date you would like to have your class. Note that for beginners we only offer classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and for intermediate they are only held on Wednesdays.
Please enter any additional information regarding your skill level, questions or other relevant information