Class Descriptions

Sewing Classes

We offer sewing classes for people who have never touched a sewing machine, to experienced sewers. ​We offer beginner, intermediate & advanced classes. All classes are three hours per session. *The price of materials is not included for projects.

The following descriptions provide an overview of what is offered at each level and class type. The classes have a maximum of 4 students for the class schedule. A minimum payment for three sessions (for three hours each session) is required at time of payment.

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Other Classes

Domestic (Home) Sewing Machine Classes

These courses are intended for anyone interested in learning how to sew or learn additional skills on their home sewing machine. These are all levels and ages.

​Beginner Classes

Beginner Sewing Level 1 ​$85.00 per session (minimum three sessions)
​We will begin with all the sewing tools, measuring, and cutting. We will go through different cutting methods with scissors and rotary cutters, and how to use certain rulers for different cuts. We will work on the following projects: making a tote bag, binder cover & pin cushion. 

Beginner Sewing Level 2 $95.00 per session (minimum three sessions)
How to sew zippers, piping, buttons, and button holes. How to make pleats, gathers, and different kinds of pockets. 

Beginner Sewing Level 3 $110.00 per session (minimum three sessions)
Body measurements. How to measure, cut, sew darts, and waistbands; finish hem on pencil and pleated skirts. We will also learn how to make tank tops. * Essential skills learned in the beginner classes will be used in more advanced classes.


Intermediate Sewing Level 1 (minimum three sessions)
For all projects, we will learn the following skills measure, cut, divide, and finish the line, arm hole, and hem. We will learn how to make a simple dress with darts. We will measure and cut fabric, do front and back body measurements, and learn to do fitting and how to finish.

Intermediate Sewing Level 2 $100.00 per session (minimum three sessions)
We will teach you how to do pant body measurements, measure and cut the fabric, to fit the garment, and sew the zippers, pockets, darts, pleats, and waistbands. 

Intermediate Sewing Level 3 $105.00 per session (minimum three sessions)
Jacket making We will learn how to measure and cut the fabric, choose the fabric, measure the lining, use interfacing, to fit the garment, and how to finish. 

Advanced Classes

Advanced Sewing (minimum three sessions)
​The Advanced Sewing classes are pattern-making classes for all kinds of garments. Here we will learn all about how to read sewing patterns. We learn to make patterns for tops, blouses, dresses, and pants. We will learn how to use lining for different kinds of fabric.

Industrial Sewing Machine Program

We begin by teaching you all the components of the industrial sewing machine, how to thread, basic maintenance and care, and how to use different needles and feet. We will also teach you how to use an industrial serger, hemming, leather, elastic, and cover-stitch machines.

Home Decor Program

​Beginner Classes

Beginner Level 1

We will begin by learning essentials such as scissors, pleater tape, hooks, rulers, measuring tape, fabric marker, iron, thread, hand-sewing needles & pins. We will also learn about drapery fabric. The project that will be worked on is how to make cushion covers. We will learn how to choose, measure, and cut the fabric; and to choose the buttons, zippers, and overlap. 

Beginner Level 2

In level 2, we will learn how to make fitted, flat, and pleated sheets, and bed skirts for all bed sizes. We will learn the different cutting, measuring methods, and finishing.

Beginner Level 3

In the final beginner level, we will learn how to make duvet covers and pillow shams. We will learn to sew borders, buttons, tiebacks, and buttonholes.

Intermediate Classes

Intermediate Level 1

Valence making. We will learn how to choose, measure, and cut the fabric; make the pleats, gatherings, boxes, casing rods, and finishing.

Intermediate Level 2

In level 2, we will be making panels and curtains. We will learn how to choose, measure, and cut the fabric; and make normal and lining panels. Furthermore, we will learn how to use blackout lining, make pinch pleats, and cone pleats with buckram, and how divided.

Intermediate Level 3

We will end the intermediate level by learning how to make sheers. We will learn how to choose, measure, and cut the fabric;  sew buckram for pinch pleats, and do the side and hem finishing with a blind stitch.

Advanced Classes

Advanced Level 1

In the advanced levels, we focus on upholstery. At this level we will work on chair upholstery; choosing, measuring, and cutting fabric; piping, and finishing.

Advanced Level 2

In level 2, we will be making furniture covers. We will choose, measure, and cut fabric; and learn how to choose foams, cotton batting, zippers, piping, and finishing.

Advanced Level 3

For the final level, we will learn to work with leather and how to do leather furniture upholstery. 

Alteration Classes

Beginner Classes

Beginner Level 1

We will learn how to use industrial and domestic sewing machines. How to use hand stitching. How to change standard zippers, fly zippers, and jacket zippers. How to sew all kinds of buttons; how to add darts to garments; how to use gathering methods and how to use bias tape

Beginner Level 2

How to hem pants, skirts, and basic sleeves by invisible hand and machine stitch. Shorten skirts with slit and lining; how to take sides, shorten slits; take in and let out waist; shorten hem by hand or machine. Taking in and letting out side seams and inseams; changing waistbands; shortening crotch; taking in waist and waistbands.

Beginner Level 3

Shirt alterations. How to fix the collar, neckline, armhole, side seam, darts, and shorten

Intermediate Classes

Intermediate Level 1

 Jacket or coat sleeve alteration with silt, button, buttonhole, and lining.​

Intermediate Level 2

Changing lining, zippers, button loops of jackets and coats

Intermediate Level 3

Take in and let out seams of jackets and coats. Change lining raise shoulders, add shoulder pads, and take in and let out sleeves.

Advanced Classes

We will work on party dresses, tops evening pants, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses of fixings. 

Single Session Domestic (Home) Sewing & Serger Machines

  • Domestic (home) sewing machine – Here you will learn about all the parts and attachments of a sewing machine and how to thread the machine We will go through the maintenance and care of the machine, such as cleaning and oiling and all kinds of stitching.
  • Domestic (home) Serger machine – Here you will learn how to thread the machine, and serge with two, three, and four threads. we will also teach you how to sew and roll with one needle. (To be fully functional on a domestic serger, you may need up to five sessions). 
  • Tune-up session on domestic (home) sewing machines. 
  • Tune-up session on serger machines.
  • Cover Stitch Domestic (home) machine. We will teach you how to use one-needle, two-needle, and three-needle cover stitches and use them with different kinds of fabric. 

Individual one-on-one Classes

We provide individual training in small classes or one-on-one. it is a special project, learning how to use the features of your new Janome sewing machine, or anything sewing-related. can establish a training or project plan for you and set up a schedule if need be.

Children’s Beginner Sewing Classes

For ages 6 to 18

We will work on numerous projects such as drawstring bags, tote bags, zippered pillow covers, aprons, and much more. We will learn all the essential skills needed to make all of the mentioned projects 

Children’s Sewing Classes for March Break and Summer Camp 2024

For ages 6 to 18

Summer camp (July 8, 2024 – August 30, 2024) and school break programs are structured for either half-day or full-day classes Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm or from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

We offer children’s summer camps however class sizes may be limited to 4 and all appropriate Health Canada recommendations will be followed. For more information about what we do, contact us.