About Make Sew Create

At Make Sew Create (MSC), we envision a world of fashion, creativity, and design. Our founder, Mitra Vaezi, brings years of expertise in clothing design and a passion for teaching to our community. As an accomplished dressmaker, sewing professional, tailor, alterations specialist, designer, pattern maker, seamstress, custom clothier, wardrobe consultant, and fashion adviser, Mitra leads by example, inspiring others to explore their creative potential.

Our team at MSC is driven by a love for teaching, innovative design, and industry experience. Together, we foster a collaborative environment where designers, artists, entrepreneurs, and the community can unite to celebrate their shared passion for creating beauty.

At MSC, empowerment is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s mastering simple hems or tackling more intricate projects like elastic sewing, we believe that sewing and design are accessible to everyone.

We embrace the term “sewist,” a fusion of “sew” and “artist,” to describe those who create sewn works of art, including clothing and other crafted items. Join us at MSC and unleash your inner sewist!