Children’s Class Registration Form

For March Break and Summer Sessions

This is the Registration form for Children’s classes for March Break and Summer classes. This form is for our information purposes to better understand your requirements. We will be contacting you for specifics such as class starting dates and times, cost, and to finalize your registration.

Please visit our class description for more information.

If you are interested in Children’s classes at other times please use the Beginner’s or Intermediate registration form and select the Child’s Age option.

Please indicate if you are registering for more than one child. If so provide additional information in the comment form.
If you are registering more than one child please add that information in the comment form
Please enter the age of your child, if you are registering more than one child please let us know by using the Comment form below.
Please visit our children’s program information and pricing page for the description and cost of each option. We will contact you for more details.
Please enter any additional information regarding your children, special requests, questions or other relevant information.